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To complement your workday, we strive to provide a mix of convenient services, programs, and amenities that foster a thriving, connected community at your building, one that reflects the unique personality of your company and colleagues, as well as the surrounding neighborhood. We are pleased to provide you and your team with onsite services and amenities, which you can access and utilize as follows.




An access-controlled bicycle storage room is located in the parking garage on the 1B level. There is no charge for use of the bike racks, but bicycle parking is first-come, first-served. 

All tenants using the bicycle room can request access to be added to their Kastle access from the Property Management Office.


Bicyclists are directed to enter and exit the garage through the parking ramp located on 18th Street. Please use caution and walk all bikes up and down the garage ramp.

As a reminder, bicycles are not allowed into tenant spaces or in passenger elevators. 


At Columbia, we rate our buildings through WiredScore, an international digital connectivity rating platform for commercial real estate that champions cutting-edge technology in office buildings. Certification through the WiredScore program provides you with the reassurance that your building can meet your team’s technology needs and gives you an easy resource to find the technology providers and points of access available at your building. 

1800 M Street is Wired Certified Gold!  

Wired Certified Gold means a building provides you with access to multiple high-quality internet service providers and a variety of cabling types, including fiber. The infrastructure measures in place ensure connectivity sources are protected, redundant, and prepared to meet your current and future connectivity needs. 

On the Tenant Resources page of the website, you will find an overview fact sheet of the connectivity and digital infrastructure features of the building. Available carriers are listed in case you are looking for a new or secondary internet connection. 

Because your building is WiredScore Certified, you also have access to WiredScore Connect. This complimentary concierge service is designed to help any tenant get quickly and easily set up with the internet service providers in their building, and compare service and pricing available to find the best alignment with your company’s specific needs. 

For direct assistance from WiredScore’s highly knowledgeable team, call 646.869.6000 or email, or visit to learn more.



Atlantech, Comcast, Verizon and Zayo Group all provide physical cable into the building. All carriers provide fiber optic connection and Verizon also offers copper connection into the building. Comcast provides a coaxial connection for cable television. Services are also available from other companies that can utilize connections from the main providers into the building.

Many other services may be brought into the building via one of the carriers with a physical presence. Tenants seeking additional or alternative services should contact the desired provider and notify the Property Management Office.


If you or your service providers need access to the riser (telephone) closets on a specific floor, and the minimum point of entry (MPOE) located on the B2 level of the parking garage, please contact the Property Management Office. A valid certificate of insurance is required before any contractor is given access. 


The Fitness Center is located on the Concourse/B1 level and accessible from elevators in both North and South Towers. Daily use lockers and showers are available only while using the facilities. It is open 24/7 to employees of Tenants in the building, with Fitness Center access per their lease, who have completed the Fitness Center waivers.

Employees of Tenants in the building can access the Fitness Center by submitting a Fitness Center Application Form to the Property Management Office.    



Please note:

  • Each Tenant will be responsible for designating an individual(s) to administer the Agreements and new Kastle proximity fobs/cards to their employees
  • All requests for access to the fitness center must come directly from the designated individual(s), accompanied by a fully completed Agreement
  • When completing the Agreement, Members must sign both the Agreement and the Rules and Regulations (included in the Agreement)
  • A designated individual must sign every Agreement acknowledging that that:
    • The Member is an employee of your firm
    • The Member is currently employed at 1800 M Street, N.W.
    • The Member is approved for membership in the Fitness Center
  • The completed Agreement is to be emailed the Property Management Office.


You will find the Locker Rooms/Showers for Tenant use located on the Concourse/B1 level and accessible from elevators in both North and South Towers. These facilities can be accessed via key/fob access. Access to these facilities are included when you complete the waiver for the Fitness Center.



Please ensure that all doors close behind you when entering/exiting the Locker Rooms/Showers for your and other Tenants’ safety.



The Lost & Found is located in the Property Management Office and is available to visit during normal business hours.  Please be prepared to have supporting documentation/evidence to claim your item(s).

If you believe you have found an item that may have been lost by another Tenant or Visitor, please bring it to the Lobby Desk or the Property Management Office for safe keeping. Please include the location of where the item was found, as well date/time if possible.


If you believe you have lost an item, please contact the Property Management Office to report the missing item, and we will try our best to help recover the missing item(s).



Incoming Mail 
Regular U.S. mail is delivered directly to your suite. Delivery and collection time is Monday through Friday between 11:00 AM and 5:00 pm. Each tenant is responsible to notify the postal service of their change of address. For questions relating to delivered material or delivery times, call the Post Office directly. The Postal Station numbers for service to this area are 202.636.1259 or 1.800.ASK.USPS. 

All incoming mail should be addressed as follows: 

Tenant Name 
Street Address & Tenant Suite Number 
City, State and Zip 

Please notify all client and other business associates of your proper mailing address. 

Security does not accept or sign for tenant packages. Additionally, Property Management does not keep track of inbound and outbound packages. If a package is marked as delivered and is not found in the tenant suite, please reach out to the freight company the parcel was shipped through. 


Outgoing Mail 
An outgoing mail depository is located behind the south tower security desk on the lobby level. The Post Office projects one morning pickup and one afternoon pickup, based on route scheduling of the postal service. 

The nearest Post Office is located at 1800 M Street, NW, Suite GR07.

Express Mail Services 
There is one FedEx drop box located in the hallway to the left of the north tower security desk on the lobby level. It is serviced Monday through Friday at 6:00 PM. 


The Parking Garage is managed by LAZ Parking Mid-Atlantic, LLC and the entrance is located on 18th Street. The Parking Garage is available to permitted Tenant employees and transient parkers 24/7. Access is granted by a separate access card. 

Please reach out to LAZ Parking Mid-Atlantic, LLC directly at 202.223.4274 for current availability and pricing.


Please keep in mind when using the Parking Garage:

  • Speed limit is 5 miles per hour
  • Be conscious of other Tenants and Visitors
  • Obey all posted signs, specifically Reserved Parking signs.


The Rooftop Terrace is available to Tenant employees and their Visitors (when accompanied by a Tenant employee) and can be accessed via the freight elevator, Elevator #12 on the South Tower.

The Rooftop Terrace is to be shared by all Tenants unless it has been reserved for a special event by a Tenant through the Property Management Office – in which case, a notification will be posted.


If you would like to schedule a private event on the Rooftop Terrace, please reach out to the Property Management Office for additional information.

For a full list of the Rules and Regulations for the Rooftop Terrace, please see the Forms section following the handbook or reach out to the Property Management Office. 

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